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Weapons of Mass Destruction
by A.Wiederhold

If I asked you if bomb sniffing dogs at airports make sense, no doubt the answer would most probably be "yes". We all know they protect us. If I asked you the same about network security specialists would you be equally quick? There is a new weapon that is dangerous, easy to aquire, and hard to defend against: botnets! Why should you know about them? Read the answer in this article.

A botnet (from "ro-bot" and "net-work") is a group of thousands of computers running hidden programmes that are just waiting for a signal to attack. The largest botnet discovered in 2004 was made of 25000 PCs. In May 2005 security specialist CipherTrust tracked botnet activity in real-time and found up to 172000 newly infected computers per day! They can attack companies, governments, or network infrastructure. This has been known to the computer science community for quite a while. So what's new about this? The new thing is that this article is on a business school website.

It's alright not to pay
by A.Wiederhold

- One doesn't need to be a computer genius to download a 60MB image file off the internet and burn it on a CD Rom. In fact nothing more is necessary in order to get a comprehensive, intuitive, functional, fast and reliable operating system with full network support, word processing, email, WWW applications and much more. It's...
The IT Sector in Pakistan
by Shehryar Qureshi

The IT sector of Pakistan is relatively new in contrast to other traditional business sectors. It is estimated that there are roughly 450,000 new computers introduced every year in Pakistan. While this seems pitifully small numbers, it represents a three-fold increase as compared to 1996-1997. Analyst predicts that this number w...
Historic View on Skype
by A.Wiederhold

When Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis founded Skype as young entrepreneurs they were not unknown to the community of computer users nor the media. They had been in the news several times for their business debut called Kazaa. Kazaa was a peer-to-peer filesharing service which had soon become the choice of the world's software, m...

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