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Energy Workshop
by Kim Jones

On March 15th the Association of MBAs offered a workshop with Jo Salter at the Aston Business School.

Although I had been feeling a loss of energy filled with dissertation blues I had just enough to book myself onto this workshop and face the drive from Bristol to Birmingham. Was it worth it? Overwhelmingly, yes it was. Jo managed to condense seven basic techniques into the session aimed at regaining and refocusing energy as a major source of creativity. She began by getting us to focus on taking responsibility for the outcome of our actions (and others) and then asked us to reflect on our own personal journey through visualising what we would do if we knew we couldn't fail. Not everyone choose a career objective, for some this was about other priorities in their lives. She asked us to apply this to an aspect of our future using a visualisation technique introducing a physical prompt of pressing together forefinger and thumb to create an anchor for this energy ...
AMBA Stockmarket Challenge
by A.Wiederhold

On Wednesday the 16th of March 2005 a selected group of consultants, managers and company owners gathered in the historic ambience of the Ashton Court Mansions in Bristol to enjoy one of the latest AMBA events. - Derek Cheshire, regional chair of the Association of MBAs, had asked teams from the leading universities and m...
Airbus: Leading across Boundaries
by A.Wiederhold

In a joint event of the Bristol Business School, Center for European Studies and Bristol University, a selected audience of staff and postgraduate students had the pleasure of attending a high profile event on the first Thursday of March. - Iain G.Gray, Managing Director and General Manager of Airbus, gave a lecture on m...
Leadership - John Peters speaks in Bristol
by Derek Cheshire

"The entire audience was moved and took away something different. True success is when everyone gets something personal and different from a speaker" - Nynex CableComms Ltd - John Peters came to the world's attention in January 1991, when his bruised and battered face flashed onto television screens around the world. ...

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