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Risk Assessment of the African Market
by Ambo Akonji

The most stated reason on why investors develop cold feet's towards investing in Africa is the unstable political environment, the GDP, and poor regulatory and judicial framework. The may be strong reasons for this tendency towards the African continent. Political Risk Consultants and the press make their living in propagating exactly this kind of dreadful picture of Africa. They are very well acquainted with the worst case scenario and not known for their sunny dispositions. However the presence of risk in Africa does not necessarily mean business cannot be done there.

Oil companies in Nigeria, mining companies in Angola, Ghana, Congo DRC and Telecommunication companies all over Africa are known for their strategies so much so that they can be immune to the risks. The press in the West is doing so much favour to these Political Risk Consultants; it is the image of uncertainty in Africa that brings business to these Consultants.

Credit Finance assessments t...
Emerging Markets in Africa
by Ambo Akonji

The world today is phrased by the term globalisation and international business seems to be the backbone of this new order. Competition is becoming more rife and the more successful companies are those who are able to have truly global operations, taking advantage of both new markets and cheaper sources of materials and other pr...

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