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How to be a Leader
by A.Wiederhold

When in the second term our class was introduced to the module "Leadership and Change" it seemed that we had reached the central part of our MBA education. Leadership - the word which never fails to energise a business student - holds the promise of power, freedom of decision, status and recognition. Academic literature gives us an abundance of models and theories about leadership styles. MBA classes learn about the "Ohio State Studies", "Theory X and Y", and "Blake's Grid", students identify delegating, supporting, coaching and directing. But is all this actually relevant?

Early theories argued that leaders are born. If that is true why bother? How useful is the application of management and leadership theory in practice? Theory is above all descriptive. It gives us a framework in which we can give structure to observations. With the leadership theories that have been published in the last decades we can easily explain every given situation and argue, why a person ...
My MBA Experience
by Bryony Thomas

I'm half way through the full time MBA at Bristol Business School and I can safely say that I have absolutely no regrets in taking a year off work for this experience. - My background is in marketing, which I fell into after graduating from the University of Bristol with a Politics degree in 1999. Leaving University, I we...
by Richard Hu

Laozi (approx. 550-600BC), a representative ancient Chinese thinker in Taoism school wrote at the beginning of his masterpiece: - - "Dynamics that can be illustrated are not eternal dynamics, concepts that can be conceptualized are not eternal concepts" - For this belief, Taoist thinkers use stories to con...

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