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MBA Class 2004/5

No doubt this class is special in many ways. We have collected some thoughts on the MBA programme from participants, so please meet some of the students.

(If you would like to share your experience please use our course questionnaire to send your message)

Akonji Ambo

Background: I come from a Project Management background. For the last four years I have been involved in executing development projects in Cameroon funded by the World bank, The African Development Bank and the Government of Cameroon.

School: Bristol Business School
Course: FT MBA

Important Factors: country, entry requirements, syllabus, tuition fees

Expectations: Academic rigour, practical training and a multicultural and international group.

Future Plans: I will definitely return to Cameroon or Africa. I think Africa needs me more. I have some interesting offers on the table and I am currently analysing them.

Comment: The MBA experience remains one of the most challenging experience of my life. It certainly is a course to develop not only skills but personality as well. Would you do it again? Yes! Would you choose the Bristol Business School? Of course!


Background: Financial Indrustry
School: Bristol Business School
Course: FT MBA

Expectations: Experienced teachers from the UK, as well as an European view. To have a broader view of the problems a company faces.

Future Plans: Work in a financial company in Belgium or in the Netherlands. I would love to be an analyst.

Comment: For me the most important factor was the possibility to study one term in the UK, one term in France, and one term in Germany (MBA Euro-Route)

Shiyu (Richard) Hu

Background: With chemical engineering background, my main experience was with business management in technology intensive B2B sector.

School: Bristol Business School
Course: FT MBA

Important Factors: country

Expectations: Uptodate knowledge about all aspects of business management, with focus on leadership, financial management and strategy. Furthermore a global perspective, and a commercial orientation.

Future Plans: I envision my self as international businessman, based and rooted in China

Inaki Recondo

Background: Industrial engineer as degree and IT consultant as professional experience.

School: Bristol Business School
Course: FT MBA

Important Factors: entry requirements, region, tuition fees

Expectations: I expected to get a strong business and organisational knowledge. Also, I was interested in exchanging different experiences with other international students.

Future Plans: After graduation, I hope the next August, I want to apply for a job in London. I think London is a good place to find good opportunities and very easy to jump to another place. I am open to having an international career. My idea is to find a job related to ERP and BI consultancy since I do not want to give up my previous IT experience. However, I want to take more responsability for the business side, rather than focussing only in technical aspects.

Comment: I think an MBA is a great thing for people who need to think about their life not only professional, but also personal. At the end, it gives you enough confidence to change the direction of your life and follow your dreams.

Nick Rolfe

Background: Quantity Surveyor (Chartered) in the Construction Industry
School: Bristol Business School
Course: FT MBA

Important Factors: country, region, school reputation

Expectations: I expected the course to stretch me. To be academically rigourous as per the prospectus document. Whilst I felt the course provided sufficient acedemic content I feel it lacked slightly in practice skills such as presentations and negotiations. This is something the college is addressing. The teaching was good and I was pleasantly surprised with the group size (only 14). The general, I understand, is between 20 - 30 students which is far better than other business schools where groups can hit 60 - 70 pupils. All module lectures were split to provide a balance of lecturing and group interactive work. For my part I found the group very friendly with a good sense of camaraderie. Whilst being one of the oldest members I had no problem fitting in with the group or the university.

Future Plans: At present I have several options. These include working abroad i.e. China, progressing my previous career in construction and/or I also have an idea for my own company dependant on obtaining a patent.

Comment: I thoroughly enjoyed my MBA and would recommend the course and Bristol Business School to anyone.

Bryony Thomas

Background: With a degree in Politics from the University of Bristol and a CIM Advanced Certificate in Marketing, I would describe myself as a proven project manager, with five years+ specific marketing management experience in B2B, B2C and Charity sectors. I have successfully planned and delivered integrated pan-European marcomms programmes for the likes of Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, Dell and IBM.

School: Bristol Business School
Course: Fulltime MBA

Important Factors: country, region, school reputation, tuition fees

Expectations: Academic rigour mixed with practical skills that I could successfully apply in business.

Future Plans: I've been working freelance throughout my studies and hope to continue, but hopefully on larger, more stategic projects.

Alexander Wiederhold

Background: I have worked as IT consultant and trainer before I came to Bristol. Other positions held in the past include roles as senior IT manager, business developer, operating manager and others.

School: Bristol Business School
Course: Fulltime MBA

Important Factors: country, school reputation, tuition fees

Expectations: I enjoy very international groups, openminded people with new ideas that come together to work for a better tomorrow. I entered the program with this attitude and expected other people to be like that.

Future Plans: my entrepreneurial attitude allows me to fill many roles, and the newly acquired skills in general management open even more doors. I love to be committed and to contribute, and I will pursue opportunities that allow me to make use of my full potential. My preference is international in an Anglo-Saxon environment, but in a globalized world I am not limited to that. After all business is where you find it.

Comment: I found the class to be diverse, the school at times demanding, the teachers helpful and committed, and the overall experience met my expectations. Would I do it again? Yes!

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